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18 Weird and True Facts You Never Knew About Pregnancy

Any mother out there will be able to tell you how the miracle of birth isn’t exactly an easy thing to go through. Forgetting about labor pains and morning sickness for a minute, there’s a bunch of other stuff going on to help bring those cute little

Top 35 Baby Halloween Costumes That are Both Adorable and Clever

With Halloween coming up, we thought it’d be nice to include some awesome costume ideas for babies. These costumes are absolutely adorable, but they’re also clever and witty. Below are the 35 best baby Halloween costumes you’ll find on the planet. Enjoy! 1. The most amazing Cabbage

Top 24 Twisted Love Cards. #13 Is Hilarious!

Sadly, greeting cards are slowly dying out. Some of those who make them are starting to get pretty creative, though, to keep up with the times. Some are cute and interesting, and some are funny. Some are just wrong, twisted, and downright hilarious. The below 24 love

Top 25 Creative Sculptures From Around The World

We have some amazing scuptures and statues around the world, each one with an amazing story. So many thousands have been created by artistic people, but only some of them are worth a picture. Is your favorite sculpture on here? 1) Kelpies, Grangemouth, UK 2) Break Through
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