14 Guiltiest Dogs Caught In The Act. You Won’t Believe #7.

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Dogs always know when they’ve done something they shouldn’t have. Often they know that they’re going to do something wrong, and do it anyway. These guys were busted, so come on in and see the guilt on their cute little faces. :)

1. Pretty obvious which one started this mess.

2. I’m sad so I’m stealing your sandwich.

3. Aww, we forgive you for doing what all dogs love to do for some reason…

4. Shameful head peaking.

5. Just cus you stand up straight doesn’t make you any less guilty!

6. Aww, cute guilt.

7. Sorry, but you’ll be sneezing out that flour for a good while…

8. Aww, not the finger. Poor little puppy didn’t mean to…

9. Another super cute, super guilty puppy.

10. Caught you, guilty face!

11. The cat did it!

12. We did something bad, but you’ll never know what.

13. Mmm…dirt.

14. “I regret nothing!”

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