15 Freaky Flowers That Look Like Something Completely Different. These Will Blow Your Mind.

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Flowers have evolved to attract pollinators such as birds and insects. This has driven them into some amazing looking shapes and colors, many of which can resemble other plants, animals, and more. Some of them are truly extraordinary.

1. The Moth Orchid – Truly Amazing

2. Ballerina Orchid

3. Happy Alien

4. Monkey Face Orchid

5. Snap Dragon Seed Pod – Wow, freaky skulls!

6. Dove Orchid

7. Swaddled Babies

8. Laughing Bumble Bee Orchid

9. Naked Man Orchid

10. Hooker’s Lips

11. Parrot Flower

12. Angel Orchid

13. Flying Duck Orchid

14. White Egret Orchid

15. Darth Vader

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