20 Beautiful Horse Colors You’ve Never Seen Before.These Will take Your Breath Away.

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Horses are already regarded by many to be majestic and beautiful creatures. However, the below breeds of horses are…magical. They look like something from your dreams. Blue horses, snow powdered horses, buckskin, and more! If you can think it, they’re probably real, but have never been seen. They might not be all that common for most people, but they are definitely living out there on our planet. Take a look.

1. Blue roan

2. Dappled grey pinto

3. Leopard spots

4. Dappled Grey

5. Buckskin Pinto

6. Buckskin

7. Red rabaicano

8. Grey brindle

9. Chocolate Flaxen

10. Sooty on chestnut

11. Red roan

12. Sabino

13. Gold Champagne

14. Pinto

15. Mosaic

16. Silver buckskin

17. Bay Brindle

18. Perlino

19. Grullo

20. The Cremello Akhal-Teke

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