20 Seriously Disturbing Moments Caught on Camera. You Won’t Believe These…

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Do you ever stop to think someone might be watching you? They might, and they might have a camera. Or maybe just a satellite. You do know that satellites are monitoring the planet pretty much 24/7, right? Mix that in with Google and you have Google Earth. Bye bye, privacy! Below are 20 seriously disturbing moments that occur when people don’t think they’re being watched.

1. Super creepy gas mask guy hiding in the woods.

2. Thieves start young.

3. Body bags in the middle of the road?

4. Gun-waving in broad daylight.

5. Superheroes not saving anyone or doing anything even remotely heroic.

6. Homeless, wild pony!

7. Sad mooner.

8. Wrong way pup.

9. Can’t ride a bike.

10. A strangely happy cop?

111. Kidnapping seen mid-kidnap.

12. Incoming beat down.

13. Ongoing beat down from police.

14. Child beat downs.

15. Prostitutes at truck stops?

16. Yowza…

17. Is that the mob?


19. Runaway baby!

20. Stop (sign) thief!

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