18 Reasons Why Everyone Should Visit New York Before They Die. Wow!

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New York City is a city more unbelievable than anyone can imagine. You can learn something new about the city every single day and it will never get old. Even if you’ve lived there your whole life you could constantly be finding out new, interesting things about the city. However, despite the size of the city, its often the little things that make it so special to so many people. Below are some of those amazing and little things you’ll only find on a trip to New York City.

1. Because of Central Park in the fall.

2. Because of cute, happy dogs.

3. Because you don’t have to leave the sidewalk to buy some fruit.

4. Because the Irish Hunger Memorial (in Lower Manhattan) looks like a real Irish hillside.

5. Because this dog who is can’t leave the squirrels alone in Washington Square Park.

6. Because there are legs in the shrubbery.

7 Because of everything this sign represents.

8. Because the neon signs can bleed into the sky.

9. Because of this Brooklyn based.

10. Because of bagel carts and bagel sweater people.

11. Because occasionally the sun lines with the grid in Manhattan.


12. Because amazing art is even under the bridges, like this one under the Williamsburg Bridge.

13. Because pigeon footprints look like airplanes lining up to land.

14. Because the ads are awesome and clever.

15. Because all of the lights.

16. Because the snakes are harmless.

17. Because Cookie Monster walks around begging for cookies.

18. Because the graffiti is fantastic.

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