7 Deadly Accidents That People Survived.

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Somehow, the people in these tragic accidents managed to survived. Whether they survived from luck, God, or some other force, we may never know. Regardless, though, we do know that these were quite miraculous.

This man shot himself while cleaning his spear gun. He is alive with no brain damage.

This couple plunged 120 feet off of a cliff in their car. Other than minor injuries, both survived with no long term effects.

A family of 5 wrecked into rapid waters. A kayaker in the area saved them all.

This plane left JFK for the Caribbean and crashed. No one was killed.

Northwest Airlines Flight 255 crashed, killing 156 people. There were 157 on board. This is Cecelia Cichan, the miracle survivor.

This girl’s bungee cord broke over crocodile-infested waters while jumping in Africa. She survived the fall…and the crocs.

his plane crashed off the coast of Bali and split in half. Every single person survived.

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