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25 Animals Doing Yoga. Best Way To Learn Yoga!

While yoga was made by humans, that doesn’t mean some cuddly animals can’t enjoy it, too! Here are 25 cute, awesome, and hilarious furry pals that have decided to stretch it out and do some yoga. Which one’s your favorite? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Bee Robots To Take Over World. Or At Least Pollination

Since there is a large decline in bee population across the globe, many people have been thinking about how to solve this concern. Harvard’s School of Engineering and Applied Sciences is here to save us all! They’ve been hard at work with other departments and colleges to

Men Everywhere Start Taking Pancake Making To The Next Level

Nathan Shields was the first father recently who you might’ve seen creating some amazingly realistic pancake art for his kids. Well, apparently fathers everywhere have started doing it too! Below are just 2 of many. Such an awesome thing, I wish my dad did this when I

30 Cats Who Are Masters Of Sleeping

Anyone who has ever been around cats knows that they can sleep in some weird positions whenever they feel like it. Looks painful to us, but apparently its the best thing ever for them. These pictures will show you just how bizarre and hilarious some of their

37 Amazing Reasons To Fly To Iceland Right This Second

Iceland is a country that is rich in insane galciers, roaring volcanos, icy mountains, and so much more. For photgraphers looking to capture some of the most amazingly raw, powerful beauty of our earth there’s no greater place to be. For anyone looking for great views of
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