The Baddest Vintage Video Game Store On The Planet. This Will Blow Your Geek Away!

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The name of this store is plain and regular. Nothing that indicates the awesomeness within. While it appears small, inside there are some amazing bits of treasure from the past. Every single inch of this store is jam-packed with vintage video games, consoles, and parts (remember joy sticks?).

Everything in there has been refurbished, and they have an awesome staff that goes around checking everything frequently to make sure it is in perfect working condition. You gotta see these pictures!

Front of the Store

Front Counter of the Shop

Console Crazy!

Holy Joysticks Batman!

Genesis Goodness.

Tons of Portables

Atari Cartridges Galore!

The shop is located on the corner of 6th St in the East Village, right near Cooper Square. Stop by if you’re in the area and get your vintage gaming on!

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