The Scariest, Deadliest Trail On The Planet. You’ll Never Guess Where It Leads!

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If you’re afraid of heights then turn away now. This made my palms sweat like crazy. You see, below is a mountain in China known as Mt. Hua Shan. At the base of the mountain is something called “The Heavenly Stairs”, and these lead to the scariest, deadliest trail in the world. The stairs go up the mountain to the Hua Shan plank path, which leads high up the mountain. The trail is simply unbelievable, but where it leads is just amazing.

The first stairs are quite beautiful, but rather daunting.

But they’re actually the easiest part of this climb up the mountain.

Once high enough, you take this freaky looking gondola to the southern peak of the mountain. Once there, the plank path is waiting for you.

And this is where it gets dangerous. There is nothing but some shoddy old plants to walk on with a rail of chains to grasp for safety.

Practically nothing that will prevent your fall into…well, death…

Doesn’t this just make your palms sweat looking at it?


You’ll find a reward if you’re brave enough to continue, though…

At the very top is a teahouse that used to be a Taoist temple!

Thousands climb this deadly path every year to have some tea.

So, apparently all of these people climbing this love the thrill of the dangerous and deadly climb, or they just LOVE tea. Are you willing to brave the climb for some tea?


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