Top 10 Reasons Fire Fighting Is The World’s Toughest Job.

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Fire fighting, its easily one of the world’s toughest jobs. Fire fighters are definitely some bad mofos. They risk their lives for other people every single day, and ask for nothing in return. They have families of their own, too, but put their lives on the line for other people’s families to make sure we’re all safe and happy. These guys are awesome, no doubt about it.

1. They’ll risk their OWN life just to save yours.

2. They run into a things like this.

3. They take risks to keep fear away from other people.

4. and aren’t scared to get up close.

.5 And this…

6. They go into places where people shouldn’t be.

7. They have no fear…

8. They work together.

9. They’re kind.

10. And of course there’s this:

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