Top 22 Ways To Use Duct Tape. #8 Is Genius!

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Most of us have some duct tape lying around. Its insanely useful. However, there are a ton more ways to use it than most of us know. There are literally ENDLESS things to use it for. For just a few bucks you too can buy duct tape in a ton of different colors. And now, you can use it for a ton more stuff than you thought you could.

1. Open that stuck jar with ease

2. Prevent scratches on your floors

3. Roll acts as a mobilized drink holder.

4. Acts (sort of) as a finish for a car.

5. Uh, you can fix a plane with it?

6. Decorate your bike helmet to be awesome.

7. Store friends where bears can’t get them.

8. Wrap gifts that can never be opened.

9. Fast and easy gift tags.

10. Make an awesome wallet.

11. Make cool looking pokeball roses.

12. Make yourself an awesome duct tape suit.

13. Help a tortoise in need by fixing its shell.

14. Uh…fix space shuttle stuff, I guess?

15. Make the best gaming mosaic ever.

16. Sculpt an awesome duct tape masterpiece.

17. Make your leaf blower able to clean the gutters.

18. Make a custom air purifier with a box fan and an air filter.

19. Lense doesn’t fit your camera? No problem.

20. Fix those fridge shelves for good.

21. Make the coolest cell phone holster ever.

22. And, finally…fix an air duct!

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