Top 25 Mind Blowing Sunsets For Your Bucket List

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Not many things occur in nature that are quite so beautiful to see as a sunset. The perfect setting at the right time with the perfect person can make this occurence unforgettable. Some sunsets happen to be more beautiful to behold than others based on certain factors. One of the biggest things to consider is where you’re seeing it from. Below are the top 25 sunsets you gotta see before you die.

1.The Canals in Amsterdam

2. Angkor Wat, Cambodia

3.Ayers Rock, Australia

4.Barcelona, Spain

5.Bora Bora

6.Florida Keys

7.Grand Canyon, Arizona USA

8.The Great Pyramids, Egypt

9. Grundarfjordur, Iceland

10.Ipanema Beach

11. Lake Annecy, French Alps

12.The Maldives

13.Matterhorn, Switzerland

14.Mount Bromo, Indonesia

15.Mount Haleakala, Hawaii

16.Pfeiffer Beach

17. Puglia, Italy

18.Sahara Desert

19.Santa Monica Pier

20.Santorini, Greece

21.Scottish Highlands

22.Serengeti, Tanzania

23.Stonehenge, England

24.Taj Mahal, India

25.Tanah Lot Temple in Bali

Which one’s your favorite? What’s the best sunset you’ve ever seen?

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