Top 25 Most Intimidating Special Forces From Around The World. #7 Will Make You Pee Your Pants.

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While all of these look extremely freaky and scary, their actual purpose is to protect their country and provide safety for human-kind. Its amazing to see how different all of their uniforms are from one another based on where they’re from. Some looks like they’re straight out of a horror film!

1. Taiwan Special Forces (wearing bullet proof face masks)

2. Peruvian Army special forces

3. Dutch Special Forces

4. Canadian counter terrorist group

5. Combat Swimmers (from Germany special forces)

6. Special Forces

7. Danish Special Forces (Huntsmen Corps)

8. SBS

9. French Special Forces


11. German Army Special Forces

12. US Navy SEAL

13. Serbian Gendarmerie

14. Norwegion MJK

15. French Commando Marine

16. US Army Special Forces Sniper

17. Korean Special Forces

18. Russian Special Forces

19. Canadian Joint Incident Response Unit (Biological, chemical, and nuclear warfare defense)

20. Irish army rangers

21. New Zealand Special Forces

22. Norwegian Navy Special Forces

23. Iraqi special forces

24. Norwegian Armed Forces’ Special Command

25. French Special Forces

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