Top 25 Reasons To Never Go To Australia. You Won’t Believe Some Of These.

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While Australia might have a reputation of being an extremely beautiful country, it would also seem that it is extremely dangerous. Australia is home to a large variety of animals, but they aren’t exactly cute and fuzzy. The country is filled with freaky, deadly animals that can kill you in a single bite. Thinking about vacationing in Australia? Be sure to be aware of everything going on around you!

1. Pythons eat everything. Including gross looking, giant flying foxes.

2. Pythons are so big they even pull a wallaby from the river!

3. Giant snakes in the stores!

4. Snakes live in the toilets!

5. Snakes so big they eat other, larger reptiles.

6. Snakes play golf!

7. Snakes on a plane!

8. Even the sharks are afraid of the dingos.

9. Sharks go golfing too.

10. Sharks go surfing with you.

11. So do the crocodiles.

12. The crocs enjoy the streets, too.

13. Don’t worry, though, snakes like eating crocodiles.

14. Except for the truly gigantic ones

15. Paralysis ticks – before and after feeding

16. Giant spider webs everywhere

17. Funnel Web spiders from a camp site. 1 bite kills!

18. Billions of millipedes creepy crawling everywhere.

19. Gigantic earthworms

20. Poisonous centipedes that eat snakes!

21. Enormous jellyfish

22. Super deadly, super tiny jellyfish

Irukandji jellyfish. Their venom is 100 times as potent as that of a cobra and 1,000 times as potent as that of a tarantula. Source:

 23. Blue-ring octopus. Fatal to humans.

24. Stonefish. Look like a stone, sting like extreme venom.

25. Even the water can kill you.

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